Med Visage

Med Visage

Med Visage
Multiple System for Face

The action of the ultrasound combined with
radiofrequency stimulates the growth of new collagen
and produces a natural li fting and toning effect in
the course of time.

Color display

The MED VISAGE system offers both the possibility to use pre-set programs or
to run it manually.


Why choose it?
Med Visage is the innovative GP system that exploits the action of ultrasound and radiofrequncy to stimulate growth of new collagen producing a natural lifting effect. It acts deep down to efficiently treat wrinkles, skin laxity and face and neck relaxation with a long-lasting result.
The treatment with Med Visage instantly improves the skin texture, tone and glow, and it has been demonstrated that it stimulates the cellular mechanism responsible for the skin repair and regeneration process.

Features and functioning
Med Visage uses a handpiece with a 5 MHz ultrasound transducer appropriately oriented and arranged so as to optimise contact with the patient's skin combined with radiofrequency.
The operator can intervene in ultrasound emission by directly setting the frequency, power and ultrasound emission mode based on the desired intensity of the treatment and the area to be treated.

Face Up

The new GP abrasor is equipped with an orbit...

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