MC1 Plus

MC1 Plus

MC1 Plus
Body shaping technology

MC1 Plus, the efficient, safe and easy to use
ultrasound system with patented handpiece.


Why choose it?
MC1 Plus is the General Project machine designed and constructed exploiting the action of ultrasound to correct and eliminate cellulite blemishes and improve lymphatic and blood circulation.
MC1 Plus is also the ideal solution to treat muscle pain and spasms and bring an overall sense of relief right from the first session. The treatment with this machine acts deep down in the painful area or the area affected by cellulite.

Features and functioning
MC1 Plus uses modulable dual low-frequency ultrasound to treat the adipose membrane and focuses only on the area affected. A practical touchscreen allows intuitively selecting and controlling all the machine functions, checking the parameters to be used or selecting from a series of preset programs according to the area to be treated.

MC1 Plus

MC1 Plus is the General Project machine desi...

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