Med Flash II

Med Flash II

Med Flash II
Evolution of light

Med Flash II is an Intense Pulsed Light device with an integrated cooling system.


An ergonomic and light-weight handpiece makes
it possible to treat all areas of the body easily, always
ensuring maximum comfort for both patient and operator.

The power of light

skin rejuvenation
active acne


Why choose it?
Med Flash II is an intense pulsed light device with integrated skin cooling system, studied to perform a wide range of phototherapy applications, useful for effective hair removal, vascular treatments and skin rejuvenation, to treat acne, psoriasis and vitiligo. The sessions are efficient, comfortable, painless and safe.

Features and functioning
Med Flash II is a device at the forefront of technology which uses special lamp boxes, internationally patented by General Project.
The skin cooling system integrated in the machine makes the treatments comfortable, safe and effective.
The treatment temperature can very easily and accurately be selected on the 10.4" colour touchscreen display that allows easily and intuitively interacting with the machine.

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