Med Sculpt

Med Sculpt

Med Sculpt
Body Contouring system

By combining massage with ultrasound energy,
the Med Sculpt represents the latest advancement
in computerized, noninvasive, Body Contouring


Ultrasound handpiece for deep ultrasound action.


Why choose it?
Med Sculpt allows performing a complete body contouring treatment combating cellulite and localised adiposity blemishes. The effects are visible after just a few sessions and result in a smoother skin and a reduction of the circumference of the areas treated.
Ideal to get back tone, this machine is perfect for targeted pre- and post-liposuction treatments. The body regains vigour, youth and elasticity.
Two non-invasive techniques, massage and ultrasound, act in symbiosis improving arterial and venous lymphatic circulation and considerably reducing subcutaneous fat. Added to this is phototherapy, based on innovative LED technology, which produces visible skin rejuvenation effects.

Features and functioning
Med Sculpt is equipped with an ultrasound handpiece to act deep down in the adipose tissue and a handpiece for mechanical massage performed through the special GP-patented elastomeric membrane: a unique and innovative component composed of a special 100% biocompatible elastomer capable of generating complete and effective but non-traumatic tissue movement.
A microprocessor controls the membrane movements, which with a wavelike motion lifts, folds and compresses the tissues according to a sequence optimised case by case for the body area affected and for the disease or imperfection to be treated.
The high-luminance (625 nm) LED technology is activated by a special diode that emits a continuous monochromatic beam producing instant skin rejuvenation effects.
A practical adaptor allows using the handpiece for zonal reflexology and/or phototherapy applications.

Med Sculpt

Med Sculpt is an innovative computerised sys...

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