Pix Scan 2

Pix Scan 2

Pix Scan 2
Fractional CO2 laser

Pix Scan 2 is a carbon dioxide surgical laser that
incorporates a special scanner that fractionalizes
the light beam emitted by the laser so that it only
partially hits the skin in hundreds of microscopic
points leaving the largest part of the epidermis

Intuitive control panel

Pix Scan 2 has a pattern scanner which allows
treating large surfaces in a short time. Thanks
to an extremely intuitive control panel, you can
select the parameters such as dimensions, time
and percentage fractioning of the area to be treated.


Why choose it?
Pix Scan 2 is the surgical laser most suitable for resurfacing, acne scars, melasma, hyperpigmentation and surgical scars.
The treatment regenerates the skin acting only on small deep-lying sections of tissue, leaving the largest part of the epidermis unaltered. This particular feature allows reducing the healing time so that the patient can more quickly go back to normal activity after the operation with noticeable rejuvenation and skin tissue improvement.

Features and functioning
The surgical laser incorporates a special scanner that splits the light beam so that it only hits the area involved without affecting the skin's surface.
The light beam emitted, split into a punctiform matrix by the scanner, produces minuscule holes deep down causing collagen denaturation and the resulting production of fibroblasts and growth of new tissue.

Pix Scan

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