Dental Laser 4x4

Dental Laser 4x4

Dental Laser 4x4
System for Dental Application

Laser System for dental applications and treatment of periodontal and peri-implant diseases.

Dental Laser 4x4

Dental Laser 4x4 is a System for photoablation, photodynamic therapy, photoinduction and photodiagnostics.

Why choose it?
Dental Laser 4x4 is a System for photoablation, photodynamic therapy, photoinduction and photodiagnostics. The Laser combines 4 synergic functions expressly meant to treat periodontal and peri-implant diseases, their complications, and other infection diseases of the oral cavity, as well as for effective prevention of related cardiovascular diseases.
The machine is the first to have all the potentialities of the “laser light” built in: tissual bio-stimulation, selective ablation of inflamed tissues, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action, combined with diagnostic capabilities of checking the effectiveness of treatments.
The importance of  this treatment is not limited to the cure of dental pathologies; effectively solving periodontal diseases, it avoids also the onset of many other serious illnesses related to it. In fact, treatment with 4x4 LASER might prove effective in solving diseases currently treated with antibiotics to restrict the use of these drugs to prevent the development of antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains.

Features and functioning
The Dental Laser 4x4 is based on a 810 nm diode laser capable of operating in photoablative mode, by high energy transfer to the irradiated substrates thus resulting in their vaporization, associated with a 635 nm light source to be used in both photodynamic and tissual photo-stimulation.
The device is equipped also with an additional 405 nm light source, a LED suitable to detect fluorescent substances that may derive from bacteria, and thus providing the machine with diagnostic capabilities. This violet light probe stimulates a natural yellow tissue bio-fluorescence by the laser-treated areas which can be observed using colored filters.
This optical phenomenon allowed a very sharp recognition of the borders between laser- ablated and normal epithelium.
Diagnostic function is completed by a thermo camera and a heat sensor.


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