The difference between abrasion with Corundum and Carbex?

Microdermabrasion using Corundum requires much less maintenance than microdermabrasion using Carbex as there are no filters to be cleaned and/or periodically replaced. The use of single-use Carbex heads, which are fitted by exerting a light pressure, without recourse to tools, means that the system is ready-to-use between one treatment and the next, reducing maintenance and cleaning times and thus allows the operator to save precious time. Furthermore, as Carbex treatment does not require a suction cycle, this means that troublesome, epidermal suction issues can be avoided. It should also be highlighted that the Carbex system is a lot quieter as it does not have the vacuum circuit required by corundum systems, thus providing increased comfort for both the operator and the patient.  
The carbex system prevents the diffusion of powders into the room, resulting in a cleaner treatment. Furthermore, Carbex system consumables do not require as large a storage space as that required by corundum containers, thus even small premises can hold large quantities of such consumables.
The Carbex system is simple and easy to use.