Should any precautions be taken before or after a Face Up treatment?

In the days following the treatment (3-5 days), it is advised:

  • Not to apply any ingredient containing AHA or BHA (glycolic, lactic, or salicylic acid).
  • To moisturize the skin repeatedly daily.
  • To use emollient creams with softening/soothing effects, in case of exfoliation or evident Dryness.
  • Not to expose oneself, even in the days before the treatment, to UVA-UVB lamps and to carefully avoid sun exposure, protecting the skin with shielding lotion containing UVA – UVB filters (titanium dioxide).
  • To use daily a soothing/absorbing/refreshing mask (containing clays, thermal vegetable/mineral muds, enriched by vegetable extracts, i.e. chamomile, linden, lemon balm) in case of itch, burning sensations or reddening.